AHRC Recommendations Response

Our response to the AHRC 'Change the Course' report recommendations

Here’s how we’re taking action on the nine recommendations made in the on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities.

Recommendation One: Establish an advisory committee

Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, the Monash Respect. Now. Always Advisory Committee meets quarterly to oversee the implementation of the recommendations of the AHRC ‘Change the Course’ report.

Recommendation Two: Address drivers of sexual assault and harassment

In consultation with students, experts and the community, we’re developing and sharing education programs and resources about respectful behaviours and relationships, consent and ‘violence supportive attitudes’ and bystander intervention.

Recommendation Three: Awareness of support services and reporting processes

We’re making sure that we have the right sexual assault and harassment support services in place and these services are clearly communicated to staff and students.

Recommendation Four: Independent review of policies and response pathways

We’re commissioning an independent, expert-led review into our misconduct policy, procedures and disciplinary processes, as well as the response pathways in relation to sexual assault and harassment.

Recommendation Five: Training for people most likely to receive disclosures

We’re identifying staff and student representatives who are likely to receive disclosures of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and training them in how to appropriately respond.

Recommendation Six: Reporting and continuous improvement of processes

We’re reviewing and improving our processes so that appropriate action is taken once a report of sexual assault or sexual harassment is made.

Recommendation Seven: Audit of university counselling services

In 2017, KPMG undertook an audit of Monash’s counselling services, and we are now implementing their recommendations.

Recommendation Eight: Regular reporting of sexual assault and sexual harassment

On behalf of all universities, Universities Australia will conduct a National university student survey of sexual assault and sexual harassment every three years.

Recommendation Nine: Review of contributing factors in university residences

We’ll support an independent, expert-led review of the factors which contribute to sexual assault and sexual harassment in university residences and residential colleges.