Roll of Honorary Graduates

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Sir Sydney Lance TOWNSENDDoctor of Laws30 March 1979
Ruth Elise COULSELLMaster of Science11 April 1979
Sir James Alexander FORRESTDoctor of Laws27 April 1979
The Most Reverend Sir Frank WOODSDoctor of Laws23 May 1979


Sir John Clifton Vaughan HOLLANDDoctor of Engineering31 March 1978
Sir Charles Gullan McGRATHDoctor of Engineering27 April 1978
Godfrey Alfred RATTIGANDoctor of Laws10 May 1978


Joseph Terence Anthony BURKEDoctor of Letters20 May 1977
Judith Arundell Wright McKINNEYDoctor of Letters3 June 1977
Sir Sydney SUNDERLANDDoctor of Laws7 December 1977


Alec Derwent HOPEDoctor of Letters19 May 1976
Richard Roderick ANDREWDoctor of Medicine1 December 1976


Lawrence Percival COOMBESDoctor of Engineering19 March 1975
Sir Gordon Colvin Lindesay CLARKDoctor of Laws9 April 1975
Francis Gordon LENNOXDoctor of Laws23 April 1975
Clement Byrne CHRISTESENDoctor of Letters16 May 1975
James Adam Louis MATHESONDoctor of Laws3 December 1975


John Neill GREENWOODDoctor of Engineering3 April 1974
Eric Ernest WESTBROOKDoctor of Laws15 May 1974
Kenneth Nigel Graham SIMPSONMaster of Science4 December 1974


John Thomson GUNTHERDoctor of Laws4 May 1973
The Honourable Samuel MERRIFIELDDoctor of Letters16 May 1973
Lieutenant-General Sir Edmund Francis HERRINGDoctor of Laws25 May 1973


Alice HOYDoctor of Laws12 April 1972
Leonard William FRENCHDoctor of Laws12 May 1972
William Cropley RADFORDDoctor of Laws25 May 1972
Dame Ella Annie Noble MacKNIGHTDoctor of Medicine6 December 1972


Major-General Sir Rohan DELACOMBEDoctor of Laws16 April 1971
Charles Garrett PHILLIPSDoctor of Science16 April 1971
Alan Rowland CHISHOLMDoctor of Letters7 May 1971
Alfred Ernest FLOYDDoctor of Letters19 May 1971
Sir Robert Rutherford BLACKWOODDoctor of Laws19 June 1971


Ursula HOFFDoctor of Letters17 April 1970
Albert Ernest MONKDoctor of Laws17 April 1970
Alan WALSHDoctor of Science7 May 1970
Sir Walter Eric BASSETTDoctor of Engineering22 May 1970
Rutherford Ness ROBERTSONDoctor of Science22 May 1970
James Leslie WILLIAMMaster of Science22 May 1970
Maurice Rossie EWINGDoctor of Medicine9 December 1970


Sir Michael CHAMBERLINDoctor of Laws11 April 1969
Sir Frederick William George WHITEDoctor of Science2 May 1969
The Honourable Mr Justice Thomas Weetman SMITHDoctor of Laws7 May 1969
Sir George Lindor BROWNDoctor of Science8 August 1969
Sir Hugh Arnold Hughes ENNORDoctor of Medicine10 December 1969


Sir Walter Osborn McCUTCHEONDoctor of Laws5 April 1968
Flora Marjorie, Lady BASSETTDoctor of Letters5 April 1968
Sir William HUDSONDoctor of Engineering19 April 1968
Sir George Whitecross PATONDoctor of Laws19 April 1968
David Plumley DERHAMDoctor of Laws10 July 1968
Sir Frank Macfarlane BURNETDoctor of Science11 December 1968


Dame Mabel Balcombe BROOKESDoctor of Laws25 May 1967
The Honourable Sir Henry Edward BOLTEDoctor of Laws25 May 1967
Willis Henry CONNOLLYDoctor of Engineering25 May 1967


Richard Gavin Gardiner Casey, Lord CASEY of BerwickDoctor of Laws23 April 1966
Carl Ferdinand CORIDoctor of Science16 May 1966
Frank John FENNERDoctor of Medicine14 December 1966