Cincera Therapeutics Pty Ltd

名门棋牌Cincera Therapeutics Pty Ltd

Drug discovery research at Monash has resulted in a new spin-out company to develop therapies for metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes-related diseases. Cincera has received an AU$7m commitment from the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) to translate research from the work lead by Associate Professor Bernard Flynn at the Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Science (MIPS), supported by a grant from the (NFMRI), and Professor Stuart Pitson from the Centre for Cancer Biology at the University of South Australia.

The collaboration has brought together the science of disease biology with drug discovery in a unique approach to treatment.  The team has identified enzymes of fat metabolism that are key contributors to disease and has gained direct access to drug-molecules to intercept them. The combination of high-quality science and the extensive commercial experience of the team has led to this exciting development.

The investment will help fast-track selection of drugs for a range of conditions including inflammation and fibrosis as well as possible treatment for certain cancers.

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