Chinese General Practitioners Program blossoms

名门棋牌Chinese General Practitioners Program blossoms

This year marks the 9th year of Monash’s involvement in improving GP practices in China名门棋牌, particularly in the city of Shenzhen in southeastern China名门棋牌. Working with Shenzhen Health Commission, the Department of General Practice at Monash University has established a strong and productive partnership with Shenzhen Health Capacity Building and Continuing Education to design and deliver intensive training programs for Chinese GPs primarily from the Shenzhen city and some from other Chinese cities. The program has achieved significant outcomes for Chinese GP leaders through enhanced clinical practice and a changed awareness of the importance of implementing a holistic patient-centred approach.

The programs range from 2 weeks to 13 weeks and they are customized to meet the Chinese GPs’ needs by providing them a mixture of theoretical knowledge, exposure to relevant health and medical organizations as well as clinical field visits to observe Australian general practitioners. The program objective is to offer participants a comprehensive picture of quality GP practices in Victoria to enable participants to contextualize and apply knowledge within their hospitals or community clinics upon return to China名门棋牌. The work of the design and delivery team, overseen by Professor Leon Piterman and Professor Hui Yang, have been pivotal to the success of this unique long term partnership.

The program has now attracted more practitioners from other districts in Shenzhen and Jiangsu Province and has helped to expand partnerships with existing key medical partners of Monash’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science. An example includes Wenzhou Medical University who are planning to send GPs of Zhejiang Province to Monash University for training in 2018.

Another outstanding achievement is the publication of papers in the Chinese Journal Family Medicine and Community Health based on the experiences and lessons derived from the program. Sarah Newton (Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science) believes “The China名门棋牌 GP program has become a shining success amongst our many China名门棋牌 initiatives. It continues to open up professional development avenues with China名门棋牌 through the provision of quality experiential learning opportunities, and further strengthens our collaborative approach to research and innovation”.

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