Internationalisation and Commercialisation of Research


From left to right: THE GENERATOR Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, Andrew Gray (Faculty of Science), Shaz Sivanesan (Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences), Leesa Charlotte Willamson (Faculty of Arts).

Monash partnered with the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce to co-present an evening forum on the topic of Internationalisation and Commercialisation of Research.

Dr Alastair Hick, Director Monash Innovation, joined an expert panel for a discussion about the Australian and international incubation environments. The other panel members included Mr Andrew Wear, Director, Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals at the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources with the State of Government of Victoria), Dr Megan Fisher (Director of Operations within Research, Innovation and Commercialisation, University of Melbourne) and Mr Byron Kennedy, CEO and Co-founder of SPEE3D.

The discussion highlighted that Australia has the capacity to deliver innovative solutions, but will need focus on creating a better and more sustainable innovation ecosystem.

“In a hyper-competitive global environment, collaboration and interdisciplinary are key. There is a lot we can learn from countries such as the US and Germany that have a much greater presence of accessible industry”, said Dr Hick.

“Break through discoveries are made at universities and research institutes, but we need to speed up the process to get them to market. Integrated innovation precincts and flagship initiatives such as the recently launched Monash BDI enable early stage collaboration between researchers, clinicians and industry partners, right through to commercialisation.”

The panel agreed on the importance of human capital and intercultural competence when commercialising technology, and pointed out a shared responsibility for fostering the next generation of scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Three Monash students and Entrepreneurship Ambassadors of . For more information contact Annette Wittmann at Annette.Wittmann@

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