Monash and Tel Aviv University: Working Collaboratively on the Next Big Idea

名门棋牌Monash and Tel Aviv University

By combining expertise and resources, Monash University and Tel Aviv University researchers are addressing major challenges in the fields of health, future technologies, sustainable environments, and education.

In February 2018, we hosted an event to showcase our joint collaboration with Tel Aviv University. Professor Nellie Georgiou-Karistianis, associate dean of graduate research in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences opened the event, held in the impressive Pavilion at Caulfield campus. Tel Aviv University’s President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Joseph Klafter gave the keynote address on ‘The Next Big Idea’. Our researchers from four of the project teams gave a series of TED-style talks about their progress towards developing their big ideas to improve cancer treatment and our education system. We heard from:

  • Professor Ben Boyd on ‘Making Tumours Sticky for Improved Drug Delivery’, a project with Professor Dan Peer at Tel Aviv University
  • Dr Crystal Chen on ‘Novel Bio-Devices for CAR-T Therapy[1]’, working with Dr Roey Elnathan (Monash principal investigator) and Professor Fernando Patolsky at Tel Aviv University
  • Associate Professor Erica Sloan on ‘New Approaches to Breast Cancer Treatment’, a project with Professor Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu at Tel Aviv University
  • Associate Professor Jane Wilkinson on ‘Improving Educational Leadership in Schools’ with Professor Izhar Oplatka at Tel Aviv University.

We also welcomed the accompanying Tel Aviv University delegation - Mr Amos Elad (Vice-President of External Relations) and Mr Meir Buber (Senior Manager Resource Development) as well as Dr Victor Wayne, President of the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (Victoria) Inc. and Monash alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Established in 2013, with support from the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (Victoria) Inc., the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University – Monash University (AFTAM) Awards encourage research collaborations that combine the expertise of Monash and Tel Aviv University for greater impact. $250,000 of co-contributions from Monash and the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (Victoria) Inc. has funded nineteen projects to date. “Continued support and funding for this partnership will enable the development of larger, longer-term and multidisciplinary projects that will lead to the generation of the next big idea,” Professor Georgiou-Karistianis said.

This partnership is just one of several collaborative initiatives we have with researchers in Israel. For example, in May 2017, a Tel Aviv-Monash research centre for metabolic disorders was established – the Sagol Center for Epigenetics of Metabolism and Aging. This collaboration between our Department of Diabetes and the Tel Aviv Medical Center focuses on the advancement of research on longevity and quality of life.

For enquiries regarding our engagement with Israel, please contact Mr Michael Simmonds, Director, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) & Director, Alliance Development: michael.simmonds@.