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Australia lags in achieving energy benchmarks by 2030

New research by Monash Business School shows Australia will miss its energy target in 2030 by half.


Monash researchers adapt and test snorkels to help stop COVID-19 spread

Recreational snorkel masks are just one of the innovative solutions being trialled by Monash researchers to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

Engineering & technology
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Survey to track long-term mental, brain health impacts of COVID-19

A three-year, international study aims to understand the mental health and cognitive effects of COVID-19.

Medicine & health

Last supper: Fish use barbs and spines to fight off hungry seals

Research by Monash University scientists has uncovered the steep price fur seals, and other marine mammals, are willing to pay for their food.


True or false: The complexities of trauma and memory

Although we may think of our memories as a data bank that we can retrieve and play back, the reality is more slippery – particularly in relation to trauma.

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Counting the COVID-19 social cost: How people are faring in the pandemic

During this time of massive social upheaval, Monash sociologists explore how various community groups are faring.

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Monash welcomes relief package for international students

Monash University welcomes the Victorian Government’s $45 million International Student Emergency Relief Fund as part of its emergency support package.

University news

COVID-19: Understanding habits and compulsions

Pandemic-induced stress can result in the return of unhealthy behaviours, but there are ways to minimise the effects.


COVID-19 offers opportunities to consider ‘NAPLAN 2.0’

The COVID-19 disruption to our schooling system provides an opportunity to reform the flawed assessment program.