Electric vehicle charging

Monash University has recently installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Clayton campus to promote sustainable transport alternatives. A number of options are available to staff, students and visitors to charge their vehicle whilst on campus.

Charging station locations

EV charging is now available at:


  • North One Multi-level – Ground level (N1) on 10 Research Way
  • South Two (S2) on 20 Ancora Imparo Way


  • Building J Multi-Level - Level 1 (ground)

How charging works

  1. Buy a parking permit or ticket
  2. Drive to campus and park your vehicle in the charging bay. Pay attention to the parking signs and any time limits.
  3. Charge your vehicle for free (for a limited time). Charging history can be accessed using the Chargefox app.
  4. Detailed operating instructions for the stations are available here: Veefil, EV Link.

For more detailed information, please visit Electric vehicle charging FAQs.