Motorcycle parking

Motorcycling is a great way to get to Monash and free parking is available in motorcycle areas on all campuses.

Occasionally, we get complaints about obstruction, noise, fumes and ground damage caused by careless motorcyclists, which we have to act on to keep our campuses safe places for learning.

While Victoria allows motorcyclists to park in public places, our campuses are private property. The University has legal and other responsibilities to keep students, staff and visitors safe and to ensure our amenities are used as intended. We also have statutory powers to manage all vehicles on our  campuses.

So if you ride to a Monash campus, please follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t ride on footpaths or grassed areas near campus buildings – it’s dangerous and creates unreasonable noise and damage, so please switch off your motorbike and walk it in these areas.
  • Don’t park where signs indicate that motorcycles must not park.
  • Don’t park on nature strips, garden beds or grassed areas.
  • Don’t park opposite any areas reserved for people with disabilities, buses, taxis or vehicle loading – it makes it difficult for them to use these areas to enter or exit.
  • When looking for a park, consider the effect your choice might have on people with limited vision or mobility.
  • Don’t obstruct building entrances, emergency or other exits, or park beneath building stairwells – it could interfere with building evacuations and access for emergency services.
  • Don’t park on or near service access points, such as electrical supply boxes, fire hydrants, manhole covers, post boxes or rubbish bins.
  • Park at least one motorcycle wheel diameter back from the road kerb to give pedestrians easy access to and from the road.
  • If your motorcycle is leaking oil, only park in motorcycle bays or against road kerbs.
  • Consider the impact your parking choice might have on nearby activities, such as graduations, markets and student functions.

You could be issued with a parking infringement notice for parking any vehicle, including a motorcycle, in violation of the legal rules.

Visit our maps page to see how to get to our campuses in the Melbourne area, and to download campus maps, showing where you can park.

You can also download a motorcycle parking map (pdf) for our Clayton campus.