Parking safely and securely

The University takes safety and security very seriously. Security cameras are installed in many car parks and emergency intercom links are included in new car parks.

University security patrols also operate around the clock, but when parking on campus, always consider the risks and remember your responsibility for your property.

To reduce the risks to you and your property:

  • park in busy, less isolated areas, where possible
  • never leave keys in your vehicle
  • hide valuables left in your vehicle from view
  • lock all doors and close all windows
  • consider fitting a visible steering or brake-pedal lock
  • consider fitting a car alarm and display an alarm warning sticker.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously, contact campus security as soon as possible.

Security contacts

Security buses – Caulfield, Clayton

Find out about our after-hours security buses for staff and students. They operate on weekdays at our Caulfield and Clayton campuses.

Emergency contact – all campuses

On all campuses, just dial 333 from any Monash University phone and 9905 3333 from other phones.

General security contacts

On all campuses, dial 53059 from a Monash phone or 9905 3059 from other phones.

You can also visit a campus security office to discuss a security problem.